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If your Life Ministry is searching for another fundraiser, a thrift store may be just what you are looking for and more.  This webinar will have you thinking of a thrift store not only as a funding source, but also as a marketing tool for your pregnancy center. The extra benefits may surprise you!  The basic steps to opening a thrift store will also be discussed to help you get a road map for this exciting journey, which will also have a few challenges.


Becky Deas, wife of 37 years to Damon, Mom of 2 sons who both were married in the last year.  As Executive Director of Options Now for 15 years, Becky has watched the Repeat Boutique Thrift Store grow and thrive during much of its nearly 20 years of business.  Becky began her relationship with the Pregnancy Support Center (PSC) in 1993 as a volunteer, and after a 6 year break came back on staff as the Administrative Assistant in 2000 just as the center converted to a medical clinic.  As Executive Director Becky has seen God work in amazing ways to grow the ministry.    Becky believes Options Now and Repeat Boutique are ‘lights set on a hill’ to shine the Light of Jesus to the community.

Robin DeRocco, wife of 42 years to Laddie, mother 4 children and 9 grandchildren.  As Repeat Boutique Thrift Store Manager/Director for 8 years, Robin brought valuable years of business experience as an owner and a manager.  Her first year at Repeat Boutique began during a downturn of the economy, but Robin and her staff persevered with hard work and creative ways to save on expenses.  After maxing out the potential at the original store, Robin oversaw the move (and leap of faith) at the larger store in 2011 and the opening of a second location in 2015.  Robin’s vision to fund Options Now and serve the community drives her to higher heights for the Lord.