HIPAA Privacy Laws and You

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that has caused some confusion among pregnancy help organizations of all types. With so much misinformation about HIPAA available, this training is designed to help you understand who is subject to the federal requirements of HIPAA and to help you evaluate whether or not your center is required to achieve HIPAA compliance.

In addition to helping you determine if you are considered a "Covered Entitty" under HIPAA regulations, this training will also equip you to better understand what state laws you need to look into to help determine what obligations you may have that are seperate from but related to HIPAA.

Please note, this training is designed to help you understand who is subject to HIPAA and whether you are required to comply with the federal requirements imposed by HIPAA and to help you find the state laws you need to be aware of. Please note that this training will not discuss steps to HIPAA compliance. Heartbeat International also suggests that after completing the training and becoming more framiliar with the federal guidelines for who is subject to HIPAA, that you contact your local, state attorney with any questions relating to HIPAA as well as with questions regarding to local state privacy laws.