Perinatal Comfort Care

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Discover why families receiving a life-limiting diagnosis feel alone and abandoned and learn how you, workshop attendees and nurses, can walk alongside with your expert guidance, compassion and support to help calm feelings of fear and confusion while empowering families to make meaningful decisions that validate the life of their baby. Did you know that 80% of families facing a life limiting diagnosis terminate the pregnancy due to the lack of resources? Come learn how you can be that bridge of support to these families and assist to preserve the dignity and integrity of the family.


  1. Define perinatal hospice/perinatal comfort care and describe its characteristics, goals, and function when families are given a life-limiting diagnosis.
  2. Define the nurse's role in providing direct expert guidance and support to the families at the time of diagnosis and beyond.
  3. Describe the phase of care given by Perinatal Comfort Care.
  4. Describe the plans to honor the life of the baby, while seeking to relieve the emotional suffering and preserving the dignity and integrity of the family

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 16061 for 1.25 contact hours.

About the Presenter:

Kathy is a Registered Nurse of 30 years working in Labor and Delivery, High Risk OB; is a certified Grief Counselor and founder of Lifechoices Women's Care. She started Perinatal Comfort Care of Tampa.


1. Our Current Situation
    Congenital anomalies account for the majority of death in the first year of life.
     Advances in prenatal testing have given providers the ability to diagnose fatal anomalies          earlier in the pregnancy but the ability to treat has lagged
     Ethical concerns related to testing
2.Challenges to termination for pregnancy
     Termination is not an option for every family
     Personal or religious belief system
     Late prenatal care
     Multiple gestation pregnancy - may have one fetus that has life limiting diagnosis
     Termination of a baby with a life limiting diagnosis is an emotional traumatic major life event that leads to severe post-traumatic stress response and intense grief reactions that are detectable years later.
3.At the time of diagnosis - Case study and research
     Case Study
     Families felt alone, isolated and on a path less traveled
     They felt alienated by the health care system in choosing to continue the pregnancy
     They experienced profound grief from loss of a normal pregnancy and the impending death of their child
     Felt preparation was vital
4.Research study - nineteen families with prenatal diagnosis of Trisomy 18
     All families were dissatisfied with fatalistic language used to describe the diagnosis
     Most indicated they were advised to seek termination
     Disappointed in lack of written information available
5.Perinatal Comfort Care: A Compassionate Response
     Perinatal Comfort Care is a new model that utilizes the same principles and goals of hospice
     Care begins at the time of diagnosis and continues through the pregnancy, delivery and into the bereavement period
     Goals of Perinatal Comfort Care are directed toward meeting the needs of the parents and their unborn child by affirming the life of the baby, easing the parents feeling of isolation, easing or relieving the emotional suffering of the family and providing practical guidance and support
6.Parental responses to Perinatal Comfort Care
     Madigan Army Hospital and Rockford Memorial Hospital (1995-2002) results were overwhelmingly positive
     Cincinnati Children's Hospital: support was considered a highly valued service, demonstrated healthy emotional coping, end of life planning was of great benefit
7.The path to a successful program

     Building a Care Team, qualifications of the care team, networking, training

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