Perinatal Services and your PHC

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About the Presentation

In this course the nurse/attendee will learn how to add perinatal services to your current services, how the structure is set up, resources needed, and ways to implement the service.

In this course we will examine

  1. The benefits of providing perinatal care.
  2. Identifying costs or drawbacks.
  3. Identifying the steps needed to implement a perinatal program.


  1. Identify the Benefits of providing Perinatal care (using CPSP - California Perinatal Services Program model).
  2. Identify costs or drawbacks to providing perinatal care (using CPSP program).
  3. Identify steps needed to implement a perinatal program.

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 16061, for 1.25 contact hours.

Please call Susan Dammann at Heartbeat International (614)885-7577 for more information about contact hours.

About the Presenters

Ana L. Cristobal, BS has been working with the CPSP program at Alternate Avenues for more than four years. Her background in health education has helped her to accurately understand implement the CPSP program with clients. Ana has also had the opportunity two work with a supervising OB doctor and participate in a two day CPSP training course, required to be a comprehensive perinatal health worker.

Sharon Sparks, RN, BSN began a ministry called Teen Mother Choices in 1989, which existed to serve "parenting" teen mothers. Since starting Teen Mother Choices, Sharon has worked with more than 450 teen mothers and today, not one of them relies on welfare. In 2007, Sharong began a second ministry called Teen Mother Choices International (TMCInternational). TMCInternational trains and equips Preganncy CAre Centers and local churches to serve parenting teen mothers. Currently, the organization trains PCCs in Oklahoma and Missouri. The archdiocese of Dodge City, Kansas has been trained by TMCInternational and is currently using the program in 6 of its churches. Sharon currently severs as the RN Clinic Director for Alternate Avenues Women's Resource Center.

1. Identify the Benefits of providing Perinatal care (using CPSP - California Perinatal SErvices Program - model)
    a. Benefits for clients: Nutrition, Psychological, Health education
    b. Benefits for PRC: Face to face time with client, Networking opportunity, Expands offered services
    c. Financial benefits for PRC: Billing opportunities - office visits, prenatal vitamins, parenting program, statistics
2. Identify costs or drawbacks to providing perinatal care (using CPSP program)
    a. Time consuming
    b. Training staff
    c. Cost of educational materials
    d. Requirement parenting program
    e. Precautions needed to share spirituality
3. Identify the steps needed to implement a perinatal program
    a. Contact local governmental Rep.
    b.Attend training/submit application
    c. Obtain Consultant agreement
    d. Set up policies and procedures
    e. Education of staff
    f. Establish communication flow with M.D.
    g. Prepare billing

    h. Ongoing

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