Online Marketing: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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The internet is the new Wild West where it is possible to break rules that you didn’t even know existed.  Caught between the long term strategies of White Hat techniques and the willing to risk it all for immediate success Black Hat tactics, most of us walk, blindly, a middle ground. To ensure you are properly prepared to survive, we will discuss the various white, black, and gray hat techniques as they are applied to online marketing, website content and reviews.

Jacob Barr is a passionate entrepreneur, designer and marketing expert.  His marketing experience and education enable him to understand what is needed to compete online.  His passion for the pro-life movement along with years of experience working to promote pregnancy center websites has enabled him to become an extremely useful consultant for pro-life organizations. Jacob Barr co-founded, a website design, development and hosting company in 2000.  He has worked on over 900 websites over 15 years.  Of these sites, over 300 have been pregnancy center websites.

Joshua Moore joined after studying both Computer Science and Computer Information Systems at Idaho State University and moving to Arizona over 7 years ago. Having worked on over 200 websites, Joshua is a developer who occasionally takes on a design project when he gets bored. However, Joshua's specialty is creating custom database systems like iRapture's Architect CMS and Goodwill of Southern Arizona's Work Force Development Client Tracking System. Passionate about leaving the internet "just a little nicer than I found it", Joshua is constantly researching new technologies and design approaches which can make the web a better place to be.