Effectively Presenting Adoption to Every Client

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For many pregnancy counselors and healthcare professionals, adoption is not always an easy topic to talk about with pregnant clients. When the topic is brought up, it’s common to feel stumped by negative responses such as ‘I could never give my baby away!’

Do you know how to move past a client’s initial reaction to adoption keep the conversation going? Most pregnant women do not have accurate information about what open adoption is like today. A better understanding of adoption begins with an awareness of the choices available to any woman considering adoption for a child. An informed, simple, and confident adoption conversation is key to making sure your client is adequately informed to decide if open adoption will be the best plan for her and her baby.

This valuable training has been presented in many centers and they have reported an immediate increase in clients interested in and choosing adoption!

Join us to learn:

  • The words to use to get past a negative response to the adoption option.
  • The best way to ensure your client has enough adoption information to make an informed decision every time, without overwhelming her to the point of tuning out.
  • The reason you should talk to every client about adoption.
  • The three main choices women have with adoption today.

Heather Featherston is the Director of Lifetime Adoption, a nationwide adoption center serving clients nationwide since 1986.  On the cutting edge of adoption, Lifetime has developed an adoption app and the popular book “So I Was Thinking About Adoption…,” an easy-to-read, modern resource for any woman considering adoption.  Heather has worked with pregnant women and others in crisis for more than 17 years. Training and speaking nationwide, she delivers tools and methods of communicating that meet women where they are, addressing the concerns they have about all aspects of adoption, and supporting the needs of women who choose adoption for a child.