Appealing to the Heart of the Adolescent

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Presenter: Joneen Mackenzie, RN, BSN, CPSII, SRAS

Course Description:

This workshop will outline strategies to appeal to the heart of an adolescent. The presenter will define and model the Socratic Method of teaching which is a series of questions that elicits ideas from students. This workshop encompasses optimal health with issues regarding whole person health. The presenter will discuss the difference between directive and non-directive teaching styles. There will also be a demonstration regarding self-discovery, positive youth development, assets and resiliency, and hope for a positive future.

Course Objectives:

By listening to this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Articulate two strategies of teaching methods that appeal to the heart rather than the head.
  2. Describe a method of making the classroom safe for all students to participate.
  3. Explain how they would institute at least two takeaway activities that would assist and enable students to learn with relevant, meaningful topics that touch their heart.