LAS Certification Training

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This training will cover key information anyone working within a Pregnancy Help Organization should know, including lay counseling skills, general information about abortion and the history of abortion in the US, the biblical basis for Pro-Life values, as well as general information on fertility, fetal development, pregancy, adoption, sexual integrity, and more. This entire trainig should take approximately fourteen hours to complete.

This training course has been approved to complete the training hour requirements needed in order to apply for your LAS designation. Upon completion of this training, you will be prompted to complete the application to become an LAS. There is a $99.00 fee that must be submitted with the application.

 Please note: Completion of this course does not guarantee approval of the Life Affirming Specialist (LAS) designation. You must meet all requirements, complete the application, and pay an additional application fee. This fee is separate and must be paid upon application. During the application process, you will be asked to demonstrate that you have fulfilled following qualifications in order to be awarded your LAS designation: 

  1. Person has received volunteer training from Heartbeat International OR can provide proof of training from a ministry that abides by the Commitment of Care and Competence Fulfilled by this training.
  2. Person has two years experience in a field relating to the Life Affirming Ministry (1000 hours). Reference required. A bachelors degree or higher that is in a related field may fulfill this requirement upon approval.  Not fulfilled by this training.
  3. Person has participated in 14 hours minimum training from a Heartbeat International approved conference or LAS modules.  Must be able to provide proof of attendance. Fulfilled by this training.