Thrift Stores 101

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Thrift stores can be a great way to bring funds to your pregnancy center or maternity home, but what are the pros and the cons of opening and operating a thrift store?  How profitable can it be?  How do you get started or take your store to the next level? Get all these questions answered and more in this two part course!

Part 1: Thrift Stores- What's the Big Deal?

If you have a thrift store that's not performing the way you want, or are interested in opening one, this training is for you! In part one, we'll spend one hour with Rhonda Tomko of Grace Initiatives and founder of Chapter2 Thrift Store located at the Jersey Shore learning more about what a Thrift Store can potentially be doing for your ministry. This NJ thrift store generates about 1/3 of their ministry's income each year...even after paying full-time staff and rented commercial space!

Part 2: Thrift Stores- The Next Step

If you're ready to take your thrift store to the next level, or if you've decided to open a thrift store, but need some guidance in taking the next step, in part two, we will take an in-depth look at what steps you need to take to make your store a success. You will receive several key documents that helped one thrift store become a reliable revenue stream for their maternity home. We will spend our time going over these documents, answering questions, and equipping you with what you need to make your thrift store the best that it can be.