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Thrift Stores 101

Two part recorded webinar from Heartbeat Academy offering everything you need to know about opening and getting started with Thrift Stores!


Thrift Stores: Supporting Life Ministry

This one hour recorded webinar will help you see what a thrift store can do for your ministry!


Two Keys to an Effective Pregnancy Help Website

This 1 hour recorded webinar will introduce you to some basics about designing an effective website.


Understanding Fatherhood

This one hour recorded webinar offers a glimpse into how men define and understand fatherhood.


Understanding STI's in Medical Centers

This training offers 1.25 contact hours to nurses who complete all requirements.


Understanding Urban Culture

This one hour recorded webinar is intended to help participants better reach urban areas.


Vision or Just a Good Idea


This one hour recorded webinar will help you learn the difference between vision and just a good idea.



When They Are No Longer Under Your Roof: Phase 2 Housing

This 1 hour recorded webinar covers types of housing programs and discusses programs used to maintain relationships with women leaving the home.


Women's Mental Health After Abortion

This online training from Heartbeat Academy offers 1.25 contact hours for nurses.


Your Center's Tithe: Expanding Pro-Life Missions

Check out this one hour recorded webinar from Heartbeat Academy!


Your Ministry and Voter Registration

Webinar recording from Heartbeat International.