Important Scholarship Information for the 2019 Heartbeat International Annual Conference

Dear pregnancy help leaders,

We have a major announcement regarding our 2019 scholarship opportunities for the Heartbeat International Conference in Dallas, Texas in April. It’s a critical announcement which may impact your attendance at this year’s conference.

Pregnancy help is more important now than ever before. Major trends are underway in the U.S. and across the globe. In addition, there are some key subject matters that Heartbeat International needs to involve specially positioned leaders – such as those that lead major networks – to provide wisdom and insights toward determining future vision and direction for unifying and advancing pregnancy help.

Heartbeat is, therefore, reconstituting and convening our World Council at the conference in Dallas. The World Council will be comprised, primarily, of our current Joint Affiliation Network leaders. These delegates, fortunately, represent nearly 80% of international affiliates, totaling nearly 50 countries.

As such, Heartbeat will be unable to provide scholarships for our Annual Conference at the same level (that usually included conference registration, conference meals, and lodging), or as open (affiliation has been preferred, but not required) as in past years.

Our budget is quite constrained this year, yet we will make a limited number of registration only scholarships available to Heartbeat affiliated organizations. No more than one registration scholarship per organization, or possibly per country, will be eligible for consideration. Scholarship recipients will need to have travel visa and expenses already provided for, and secure lodging directly with the Hyatt Downtown Regency Hotel. A booking confirmation from the hotel, or letter of reference from a U.S. pregnancy help organization confirming they will be providing for your lodging at the hotel, will be necessary for consideration of a registration scholarship.

We regret that our allocation for internationals to attend the 2019 Heartbeat International Annual Conference could not expand readily with our desire for many to join us. We waited as long as possible to see if additional funding might become available. Fortunately, these constraints should only apply to this coming conference. We look forward to returning to a more open application process next year and in years to come.

Thank you for your understanding of our limitations. If the Lord has not provided through Heartbeat to help, we are praying that He will provide directly for some of you, and for others, through your ministry partners. Whether you are able to attend in person, or not, please know that we celebrate the faithful work of our pregnancy help leaders during our conference and throughout the year.

We are united in spirit and purpose even when we cannot be together in person.


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