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Should your center’s future include medical services? Medical Essentials will help you, your board, and your medical staff explore the rationale of expanding into this new, pro-life area of high-value professional service. Bring Medical Essentials to your organization to help guide your steps for bringing medical services to your clients and community.

Medical Essentials covers the planning, implementation, and principles important to pregnancy and women’s well-being. The manual also includes the tools your center needs to navigate and comply with U.S. regulatory standards.

From adding ultrasound and STD/STI testing to abortion pill reversal and more, Medical Essentials is your go-to guide for adding and improving the tools and expertise you need to help each client make the healthiest choice for everyone involved in an unexpected pregnancy. 

Also Includes a companion CD with job descriptions  and sample  forms.

About the Manual
Our Passion to Serve 
Our Commitment of Care and Competence

Part I: Looking Back in Order to Look Forward 
Pregnancy Help and the Pregnancy Medical Clinic: A Developing Model 
Origin of the Pregnancy Help Movement 
Vision for Women and our Medical Roots 
Vision for Ministry 
Vision for Babies, Leading to Ultrasound 
Vision for Healing 
Vision for Prevention 
Vision for Family: Fatherhood, Marriage, and Adoption 
Recent Developments Related to Pregnancy Medical Centers 
Conclusion: Vision to Transform Every Community for Life 

Part II: Considering the Alternatives to Direct Provision of Medical Services
Alternatives to Direct Provision of Medical Services 
Soliciting Referrals to Area Pro-Life OB/GYNs
Partnering with a Center that Provides Medical Services 
Arranging for Outside Ultrasound Services to Visit Your Center 
Renting Space to or From a Physician Who Will Take Your Clients as Referrals 
Working with the Health Department in Your Area
Utilizing Referral Doctors for Those in Greatest Need 

Part III: Establishing the Foundation for Adding Medical Services 
Are We A Medical Clinic? 
Test vs. Testing
So What About Ultrasounds?
Laying the Groundwork - Strategic Planning
Medical Steering Committee
Where to Look for Potential Candidates
Community Research 
Determining Your Services 
Limited Obstetric Ultrasounds 
Pregnancy Confirmation Exams (without Ultrasound)
Partial or Full Prenatal Care 
Testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections (STDs/STIs) 
Fertility Care
Well Woman Care
Perinatal Hospice 
Abortion Pill Reversal 
Determine Whom You Will Serve
Assess Strategies that May Influence the Impact of Your Services Within the Community 
Strategy for Marketing Your Medical Services 
Review of Internal Culture
Transitioning the Organizational Structure
Personal Testimony: Medical Conversion 

Part IV: Essential Principles of Operation When Adding Medical Services
Federal Regulations
CLIA - Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 
Additional Information on CLIA Certification
OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Universal Precautions 
Procedures for Compliance with OSHA Regulations
Disposal of Infectious Waste 
ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act 
HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 
Ultrasound Regulations
Interpretation of Ultrasound Examinations and Final Report 
Local Codes and Regulations
Determine Acceptable Standards of Care in Your Community 
STD/STI Testing and Treatment 
Insurance and Liability
Medical Emergencies
Emergency and Disaster Plans 
Safety Policy 
Quality Assurance Program
Part V: Effective Medical Services 
General Procedures
Policies and Procedures 
Scheduling Medical Procedures
Suggested Dialogue for Presenting the Ultrasound Option and Securing the Appointment 
Consulting Guidelines 
Confidentiality and Privacy
Patient Education 
Prenatal Education
Abstinence and Sexual Integrity Education
Medical Records 
Serving Minors
Routine Use of Ultrasound 
Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound 
Written Standing Order 
Additional Direction through Policies and Procedures
Who Should Perform Ultrasound Examinations? 
Training Ultrasounds 
Interpretation of Ultrasound Examinations
Fetal Biometry 
Ultrasound Documentation of Fetal Development
Abdominal and Transvaginal Ultrasounds
Ultrasound Equipment
Ultrasound Systems
Minimum System Recommended
Minimum Peripherals Recommended 
Recommended Features on the Ultrasound System 
Used (or Pre-owned) Versus New: A Look at the Options 
Ultrasound Supplies Needed 
Doppler Ultrasounds
Current Thinking on 3D/4D Ultrasound 
Verification of Pregnancy Forms and Ultrasound Reports to Abortion-Minded Clients 
Early Ultrasound and hCG Levels 
Sample Standing Order for Quantitative hCG 
Pregnancy Confirmation Exams

General Information
Pregnancy Confirmation Exam Equipment and Supplies
Prenatal Care (Partial/Full)
General Information
Partial Prenatal Care 
Full Prenatal Care
Additional considerations 
Birthing Center
Breath of Life Women’s Health and Birth Center
Abortion Pill Reversal 
Outline for Abortion Pill Reversal Nursing Protocol
Decision Tree for Locating a Doctor Who Will Begin Progesterone Protocol 
What Will a Woman See When She Visits the Website:
Testing for STDs/STIs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Infections) 
Definition of Terms
General Information
Advantages of Adding STI Services 
How to Get Started 
Mission Statement and Vision Review
Inquiry with Other Pregnancy Centers That Provide STI Services
What Your Staff and Current Patients Think of STI Services 
Cost: Start-Up and On-Going
Space Accommodations
Supplies Needed 
Laboratory Services
Liability Insurance 
Standing Orders 
Staff: Who? Additional Training?
Name Change of Your Center or New Subtitle 
Who Will Be Tested and What Tests Will Be Offered? 
OSHA Standards 
CLIA Waiver
Developing Your Own Policy and Procedure Manual Forms and Standing Orders
Start Date 
Launching Campaign

Part VI: Equipping Your Medical Staff 
General Medical Personnel Policies 
Medical Personnel Health Policies
Applying Health Policy 
Sample Job Descriptions 
Medical Director
Nurse Manager 
Staff Physician
Volunteer Clinic Physician 
Nurse Practitioner
Staff Nurse
Volunteer Peer Counselor/Consultant/Advocate
Personnel Records
Compensation for Medical Personnel
Part VII: Funding the Medical Center 
Learning Objective 
Medical Services Strengthen Your Appeal 
New Services, New Ask
FAQ: Government Funding 

Part VIII: Contemporary Medical Issues 
Abortion Procedures 
Medication Abortion, RU-486, the Abortion Pill 
Telemed Abortion 
First-Trimester Aspiration Abortion (Up to twelve or thirteen weeks of pregnancy) 
Dilation & Evacuation (D&E) Second Trimester (approximately thirteen weeks of pregnancy and onward) 
Abortion Risks 
Is Childbirth or Abortion Safer?
Is a Medical Abortion (RU-486, the Abortion Pill) or Surgical Abortion Safer?
Medical Abortion Risks (RU-486, the Abortion Pill) 
Physical Pain 
Severe Bleeding (Hemorrhage) 
Damage to Internal Organs 
Anesthetic Hazards 
Preterm Birth 
Low Birth Weight 
Protect Yourself Against Medical Malpractice
Emergency Contraception 
Plan B One-Step
Progesterone Use to Reverse the Effects of Mifepristone
Pharmacology of Mifepristone and Progesterone 
Current Regimens of Medical Abortion 
Results of Progesterone Therapy
Case Reports
Suggested Protocol
Testimony of Anthony Levatino, MD, JD
Testimony of Anthony Levatino, MD, JD before the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Committee on the Judiciary, U.S. House of Representatives on The District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (H.R. 3803) 
Myths About Abortion-Minded 
New Research Shows Abortion Poses Higher Risk of Death than Giving Birth 
Induced Abortion and Risk of Subsequent Preterm Birth 
Abortion and Maternal Mortality 
Abortion and Mental Health
Therapeutic Abortion 
Long-Term Emotions Following Abortion 
Substance Abuse
Reproductive Choices and Breast Cancer Risks 
Breast Maturity & Breast Cancer Risk 
Reproductive History & Breast Cancer Risk 
Hormonal Birth Control and Hormone Replacement Therapy & Breast Cancer Risk
AAPLOG Statement on the Association of Induced Abortion and the Subsequent Development of Breast Cancer 
Induced Abortion and the Subsequent Risk of Developing Breast Cancer 
The Daling Study 
The Howe Study
How Do Medical Organizations Discredit the World Literature? 
Example # 1:
The Melbye Study 
Example #2 
The Beral Study 
Girls on Steroids! The Big News that Is Not News at All 
Health Concerns for Women Who Practice Homosexuality 
Ministering Medical Care to Women from Underdeveloped Nations
Perinatal Hospice: Support for Families Carrying to Term after a Severe Prenatal Diagnosis Error! Bookmark not defined.
Get up to Speed on Ectopic Pregnancies 
Risk Factors 
Applying Biblical Ethics 
Patient Instruction Sheet
Medical Advisory Board: An Effective Support for Pregnancy Help Centers
How Can They Help?
How to Successfully Recruit 
Sample: Letter of Invitation 
What Has Worked?
Bonus Tips: Keeping in Touch with Your Docs
Who is My Patient? 
Medical Ethics and the Pregnancy Resource Center
Historical Perspective of Medical Ethics and Abortion Deregulation in the United States
The Four Questions Every Medical PRC Should Ask
Medicine Weathering the Storm
Exhibit 1: Health Services Standard Code of Conduct in Women’s Reproductive Health 
Building on What We Have Done: Making Abortion Unwantable 
Our Purpose
Our Problems 
Our Solution

Agency Contacts 
Medical Manual References 
Regional CLIA Offices 
Regional OSHA Offices 
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) State Survey Agency Contacts 
State Departments of Health
Laying the Groundwork – Sample Forms 
Budget Estimate for Medical Services (Limited Ultrasound)
Medical Services Development Guidelines 
Heartbeat International Medical Services Checklist 
Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Survey 
Client Medical Services Survey (Ultrasound) 
Client Medical Services Survey (STD/STI Testing) 
Community Statistics (Ultrasound)
Community Statistics (STD/STI Testing) 
Medical Community Services Survey (Ultrasound) 
Medical Community Services Survey (STD/STI Testing) 
Ministry Friends Survey (Ultrasound) 
Ministry Friends Survey (Spiritual Care) 
Survey Summary (Ultrasound) 
Survey Summary (STD/STI Testing) 
General Medical Forms and Handouts
Sample Forms 
Accepted Abbreviations and Terminology
Authorization to Release Records
Acknowledgment of Receipt of Records
Contraceptives Chart 
Birth Control Chart Methods End Notes
Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Guidelines for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella 
Hepatitis B Vaccine Form
Medical Director Approval of Policies and Procedures 
Medical Emergency Procedures [Sample] 
Medical Services Sample Organization Chart with Physicians on Staff
Medical Services Sample Organization Chart with Well Developed Paid Staff and Governing Board (Also Showing Medical Staff) 
Patient Complaint Form 
Patient Medical Emergency Information
Patient Exit Questionnaire 
Positive Pregnancy Test Verification (Nurse Administered)
Positive Pregnancy Test Confirmation (Self Administered)
Safety Requirements [Sample] 
Standing Order: Laboratory Tests 
Standing Order: Prenatal Vitamins 
Sample Forms 
Confirmation of Pregnancy
Confirmation of Pregnancy Preliminary Report [Sample]
Consent for Performance of Medical Services and Release of Liability (Pregnancy Confirmation Exam and Ultrasound) 
Ultrasound Consent Waiver and Release Form 
Discharge Summary 
Discharge Summary for Medical Follow-up
Ectopic Pregnancy Patient Instruction Sheet 
Medical Clinic Preliminary Findings
Medical Services Patient Instructions 
Miscarriage Patient Instruction Sheet 
Nurse Ultrasound Consult without Physician Exam Protocols 
Patient Medical History
Standing Order: Performing Training Ultrasounds 
Standing Order: Performing Urine hCG Pregnancy Tests 
Standing Order: Quantitative hCG 
Standing Order: Performing Urine hCG Pregnancy Tests
Standing Order: Suspected Blighted Ovum 
Standing Order: Suspected Early Pregnancy, Non-Confirmed 
Standing Order: Suspected Ectopic Pregnancy
Standing Order: Suspected Multiple Fetuses 
Standing Order: Suspected Non-Viable Fetus, No Heart Rate Detected 
Ultrasound Order and Exam Report 
Ultrasound FAQ Sheet 
Ultrasound Patient Log
Ultrasound System Checklist
Quality Assurance
Sample Forms 
Policy: Quality Assurance
Client Record Audit 
Annual Client Record Audit Summary 
Annual Physician Peer Review Summary
Annual Quality Assurance Report 
Annual Review and Approval of Policies and Procedures Manual
Chart Audit
Client Record Audit Form 
List of Hazardous Materials
Peer Review
Pregnancy Center Quality Assurance Guidelines
Justice Foundation Letters
Sample Letters
“Dear Parent” Letter 
“Dear Client” Letter
“Dear Parent” Letter (Spanish Version)
“Dear Abortionist” Letter
“Dear Father” Letter
Declaration Form
STD/STI Testing 
Sample Forms
STI Services Request & Consent Form 
STI Scope of Services & Client Information 
STI Testing Services Consent Form & Release Form
Consent for Testing and Treatment 
Medical Appointment Intake Form 
Sexual Health Inventory Form 
Sexual Behavior Inventory
Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing Standing Order
STI Testing Checklist 
Your STI Appointment
STD/STI Appointment Reminder 
STI Laboratory Testing Requisition
STI Results Form 
Doctor Letter to Client 
Abortion Pill Reversal 
Sample Forms 
APR Case Report Form
APR Treatment Consent Form 
APR Phone Call Intake Form
APR Authorization for Release of Health Information Pursuant to HIPAA 
APR Progesterone Protocol for the Attempted Reversal of Mifepristone 
APR Order Set for Nurses 
Abbreviations and Terminology Index