Conference Workshop Ideas: Housing

Presenter1Based on the questions and feedback that we have received over the year, we think that the topics below are interesting ideas for conference workshops!  And, based on your experience, we bet you have other ideas!   Do any of these catch your eye?  Are any of these areas of expertise for you or for people on your staff?  Would you like to volunteer your knowledge to serve the both housing ministries as well as all pregnancy help organizations?  We would love to hear from you if you have workshop material that would help organizations to better serve pregnant women!  Please review the information on Workshop Proposals (click here) and submit a Proposal (click here) if you are interested, and be a Difference Maker today!

  • Managing Shifting Dynamics in the Home Life
  • Trauma and PTSD:  Healing It in Moms; Preventing It in Staff
  • Using Facebook as an Extended Care Strategy
  • Healthy Boundaries in Intense Environments
  • Saying Goodbye in a Hurry:  The Difficult Discharge
  • Using Case Management as a Tool for Loving Well
  • Growth:  More People, More Programs, More Projects.  (Oh, my!)
  • The Spiritual Battle:  Practical Spiritual Support
  • Moving Beyond Shame