Sample Policies and Procedures

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Beginning with an introduction that covers why and how to write policies and procedures, Sample Policies and Procedures™ contains policies and procedures for volunteer "pregnancy consultants" or "peer counselors" working in pregnancy test and crisis intervention programs. Includes approved sample procedures and guidelines for your center.  


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Chapter I: Board Responsibility

Chapter II: Staff

Chapter III: Client Services

Chapter IV: Center Operations

Chapter V: Insurance, Finances, and Fundraising

Chapter VI: Communications, Advertising, and Marketing

(Sample Forms)
Authorization to Release Records 
Client Care Volunteer Job Description 
Confidential Client Information Sheet 
Conflict of Interest/Related Party Form
Driving Record Request 
Employment Application 
Evaluation for the Executive Director or Chief Executive Officer
Annual Performance Review Questionnaire
Self Assessment
Gift-in-Kind Donation Form
Incident Report 
Leave of Absence Request
Material Items Release 
Privacy Policy 
Quid Pro Quo Receipt
Release of Staff Information
Request for Services
Terms of Use 
Transportation Waiver Client
Transportation Waiver Staff Member/Volunteer
Verification of Driver’s Liability Insurance
Video Consent and Release
Volunteer for Client Care Application 
Volunteer Life Support Application
Volunteer Orientation Interview 
Volunteer Reference Letter
Volunteer Annual Performance Appraisal