Steps to Sexual Health (Journal and DVDs)

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The Steps to Sexual Health DVD series is a comprehensive approach for dealing with sexual trauma, sexual abuse, and sexual misuse. This guide was developed by Doug Weiss, one of the nation's leading Christian experts in sexual abuse, trauma, and addiction. The goal of this series is not to "convert" women to Christ, although ultimately, complete wholeness can only be achieved through knowing Christ. We hope this series will help move women in that direction, but form any of our clients it is unrealistic to start there. Regardless of the spiritual condition of your clients, we want to offer them steps to sexual health. 

Clients who already know Christ may still need to understand and work through issues of their trauma, abuse, or misuse. This series will also be useful with these clients. 

Our Passion to Serve
Commitment of Care
A Leader's Guide for Steps to Sexual Health
Welcome to your personal journey of hope and healing throug Steps to Sexual Health!
Going for the Gold
Roadblocks to Sexual Success: Part I
Roadblocks to Sexual Success: Part II
How I Coped
Sexual Histories
Healing Our Histories
Your Sexual Garden
Sexual Agreement
Extra Notes