The Blueprint for Sexual Integrity (Workbook and DVDs)

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The goal of this series is to give the viewer the "truthful" picture of God's original plan for our sexuality. Many people wonder how they are supposed to live out their sexuality, when so often all we hear about are the negative consequences to physical sexual expression. It is as if "sex" were just about being physical. As you will see in this series, it is so much more. God made men and women and their differences for a reason. Our sexuality is to be expressed successfully throughout our whole person. This means the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our nature.

This series will show you beautiful glimpses of God's plan for living with Sexual Integrity. It will also be clear in this series that choosing to live with Sexual Integrity is possible for anyone, regardless of past choices or painful experiences. 

The 7 sessions should be viewed in order. The videos can be viewed weeks apart, or on the same day (for a retreat), depending on the needs of the viewer. It is best to give people time to process the information by having a short discussion after viewing each video. The workbook is reproducible, so feel free to make as many copies as you wish.

Session 1......True Love: Romance and Adventure for a Lifetime

Session 2......Fertility: A Gift Worth Fighting For

Session 3......Marriage: A Diving Idea

Session 4......Life vs. Death: A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Session 5......The Object of Your Desire: Soul Mate or Second Rate?

Session 6......Killing the Romance: A Timeline of Cultural Decline

Session 7......Living with Sexual Integrity: Practical Strategies for a Beautiful Romance


Notes: A Place for Additional Thoughts

A Promise to Yourself: Making a Commitment to Your Sexual Integrity