Benefits of Blogging

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You may have seen food blogs, fashion blogs, blogs about politics, crafts, and almost everything under the sun, but what should a blog for a PHO look like? Who is your audience? Should you even consider having one? This one hour panel discussion will answer these questions and more as we jump into the world of blogging.

In this presentation, you'll join Extend Web Services Developer Tim Stephens as he discusses the benefits a blog can bring your site in terms of web traffic and search engine optimization, as well as Andrew Woods of The Hope Center in Tennessee and Ruth Tisdale of Advice and Aid Pregnancy Centers in Kansas as they share their firsthand experience launching a blog and reaching client and donor audiences. You'll learn the benefits each of them have seen as a result of their uniquely focused blogs, helping you to better identify the options you have and what benefits you can expect when starting a blog for your PHO.