Self-Care for Ministry Servants

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In this training nurses/attendees will learn about the causes and consequences of work burn-out. Attendees will learn whether they are at risk, and what to do resolve work stress and burn-out. Most importantly, attendees will learn strategies to promote healthy lifestyle changes to  prevent or overcome burn-out in the workplace.


Outline - Self-Care for Ministry Servants

  1. Chronic Stress / Burnout
    1. Definition
    2. Causes
    3. Who’s at risk
    4. Consequences
  2. Risks to Health & Wellness
    1. Physical
    2. Emotional
    3. Spiritual
  3. Self-care strategies for wellness
    1. Sleep
    2. Read scripture, quiet time - attitude
    3. 80/20 Better nutrition -
      1. Recommended nutritional (food) sources
      2. Foods to avoid
    4. Exercise
      1. Light to moderate activity - walk
      2. Get outdoors
    5. Prayer
    6. Explore options/opportunities at workplace
    7. Professional limits and boundaries
    8. Drink more water
    9. Romans 12:1




  1. Participant can verbalize definition, causes, and consequences of work burn-out.
  2. Participant can verbalize risks to physical, emotional & spiritual health & wellness.
  3. Participant can verbalize strategies to resolve stress and burnout sources, and build a self-care plan to improve wellness.